Gilligan's Island 02Dec07



    A little get together we had to allow Charlie to try out some modifications he made to his little tug boat.  The idea was to make his tug grip better bellow the water line so that he would no longer run over our subs!  To bad for Charlie he left his radio at home in his excitement to get out.  Fortunately he did bring his radio for the Marlin, which is now a surface running craft.  We were also unfortunate enough to have Kevin's Dumas Akula spit out it drive shaft dog bone twice.  This of course required rescue but, alas when it was time for Charlie's boat to shine, it was stuck in dry dock.  We also got to watch Mark Green go diving in the icy water to recover his downed Seaview.  It just went down and never came back up. 

    In the end it was a good get together with a feast awaiting us at Sonny's afterward.  Why did you come?